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Code Editor

The code editor in Tape's workflow automations is used inside custom script filters, and inside the "perform calculation" and "execute script" action blocks. It is powered by the Monaco editor used by millions of developers world wide.

Auto completion & Typing Information

The editor will provide typing information on which variables and APIs are available. You can fuzzy search by just starting to type and hit the "ENTER" key to apply a suggestion from the suggestion overlay.

Full screen mode

Enter and exit full screen mode in any Tape workflow code editor by using "CTRL+ENTER" ("CMD+ENTER" on Mac).

Multi cursor

Using "CLICK+ALT" it is possible to insert another cursor, allowing fast simultanious edits.

Move lines

Move one or multiple selected lines by using the ALT+ARROW UP and ALT+ARROW DOWN keyboard shortcuts.

Rename a variable

Rename a variable inside a single code block by using the F2 key.

Use "CTRL+F" ("CMD+F" on Mac) to open the search toolbar.