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The calculation field has support for HTML buttons. The "type" attribute can be used to pick one of the available colors & styles:

button {
margin: 4px 4px;

<button>Default button</button>
<button type="danger">Danger button</button>
<button type="outline">Outline button</button>
<button type="outline-danger">Outline danger button</button>

Here's how the button types from above will be rendered:

Executing custom JavaScript code in the browser of the user is not permitted due to security reasons. So you cannot execute JavaScript in the onclick event handler of the button. However, wrapping the button in an anchor gives you a clickable button that opens the specified URL:

<a target="_blank" href="">
<button>Go to Tape</button>

The full calculation field script might look like this:

// Reference the "Link" field of your app, which can contain multiple links
const links = @Link;

// Get the first link
const firstLinkUrl = links[0];

// Result is the HTML button and anchor to open the link in a new tab
<a target="_blank" href="${firstLinkUrl}">
<button>Open Link</button>