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Tape Developer API

Developers use the API to access Tape's core resources like records, apps and workspaces. Developers can connect services to Tape and build interactive experiences for users within Tape. Using the navigation on the left, you'll find details for each endpoint and type of resource used in the API.


If this is your first look at the Tape API, we recommend beginning with the Getting started guide.


The base URL to send all API requests is HTTPS is required for all API requests.

The Tape API follows RESTful conventions when possible, with most operations performed via GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE requests on all resources. Request and response bodies are encoded as JSON.

JSON conventions

  • Property names are in snake_case (not camelCase or kebab-case).
  • Temporal values (dates and datetimes) are returned as strings in a ISO 8601 similar format. Datetimes will include the time value (2020-08-12 02:12:33) while dates will include only the date (2020-08-12). More details on date and datetimes.

Code samples

Samples requests and responses are shown for each endpoint. Requests are shown using cURL. To increase readability, we use the -u option of cURL to pass the user API key instead of specifiying the Authorization header. These samples make it easy to copy, paste, and modify as you build your integration.