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Field Value

A record object consist of its static properties like id, title or created_on and its field values. For each field of the record's app, the record can have a field value. An example "Contacts" app could have the fields "First name" (text), "Last Name" (text) and "Phone number" (phone). Adding a record to this app includes specifying its field values for each of the fields "First Name", "Last Name" and "Phone number".

Each field value object can be uniquely identified via its record_id and field_id. Field values can be returned as part of a record or as the result of a field value update endpoint.

Field type

The API returns the type property as well as the field_type property for a field value. The type property refers to the the kind of data return like text, category or phone. The field_type property specifies the type of the field like single_text, multi_text, single_category or MULTI_PHONE. The field_type always specifies the information whether only one value is allowed or multiple values are allowed. Tape distinguishes between these field types down to the database level so that a field value for a field of type single_category can never have multiple category options selected. Therefore, switching from e.g., single_categoryto multi_category requires a field conversion where all field values are migrated.